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Memorial created 07-26-2006 by
Shelly Coufal
Craig Brian Coufal
May 27 1989 - December 3 2005

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Craig Coufal, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Craig 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Craig forever.

Craig was very loved by so many people! His sense of humor and love for life just glowed all over him! People could not help but get attached to him as soon as they met him. He has touched so many lives! He has taught us so much about life! He loved to play football, he loved to race with his dad Emmett Coufal,and his step mom Cherie Coufal, he had my love for the beach and would go anywhere with me, shopping, the beach, amusement parks we had so much fun together. He and his brother Jeff Coufal were very close they spent many hours togeteher just playing video games, playing football and just hanging out. His best friend was Wes Cadriel. They went to school together, played football, worked together, they were inseparable. And his love was Nichole Collins, a very sweet girl who misses him so much!Please don't forget to sign Craig's guest book!

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Craig made us all laugh so much and he is stiil so much in our hearts! We will keep him alive forever because none of us can think about living this life without him. His spirt is what keeps us all going, he would never let us be down for a minute, he would not stop till he made us smile even when we didn't want to, he still does! God Thank you for blessing us with this wonderful angel, Till we meet again Craig we all love you and will keep you alive in our hearts forever!


Craig was loved by all his classmates and football buddies! I know that the El Campo Ricebirds will get to the playoffs this year because Craig will be their Angel in the endzone!!!


in memory of Craig Brian Coufal,Mark Rocky Gaona,and Kelly Dluhos dear angels its hard for me to say how much i miss u And how mad i was that the newspaper dissed u now im stuck down here with issues what happened on that dreadful night why did u lose that fight Im not one to cry but i never thought that u would die i would give anything to have u back but your gone and its still a fact i still have a tear in my eye every night i lie awake and wonder why i guess god thought it was your turn to fly but i keep turnin and tossin thinking bout the day i saw u in that coffin I cherish good memories dear and never let the bad ones near when we threw the football for you to get better it was like we were in our own world together and thats a memory that i will always treasure i remember the fun we had but then i remember why im so sad never thought i would be so full of pain never thought i would wanna cry everytime i heard your name why was my little brother taken from me somebody tell me why he had to leave and now im stuck with all this grief all i want is a sigh of relief but the pain wont go away it hurts every night and day why is this world such a dangerous place its like the moment u step out of the door u arent safe why did we take everyday for granted why are we put down on this planet I feel so double crossed because of the life that was lost i see u in my dreams every night then i wake up and your not in sight Oh my god this is just not right But until the day we meet again Ill keep u in my heart as a brother and as a friend I LOVE U JEFF COUFAL


Craig Lives On! Craig, you were always making us laugh, you still do! You were always are peacemaker, you still are! You were always are inspiration, you still are! You were always our support, you still are! You were always our listener, you still are ! You always made us see the positive side, you still do! You always made our life much happier, you still do! You always put a smile on our face, you still do! Although, we miss your physical presence so much! You're in our hearts, in our life, you still are! When we cry you wipe the tears, you still do! You have made a huge impact on our life, and you still do! Craig, we know that your mission here was complete. And the Good Lord took you to his glorious kingdom! God has given you his reward for a job well done! And the amazing thing is we are still blessed with your spirit, As we continue to live this life to complete our mission! And then one day, God will bless us for our job well done! And that day, when we join you in God’s Kingdom, will be a glorious day! You were always our little angel and you still are!!! Love, Mom


Craig was a Gift of Life donor. He was always a giver, and he continues to give, to know that someone out there is able to see with Craig's eyes is such a good feeling! I wish he was here but i am so glad that Craig will Live on forever!


1st Year Without You It's been a year now since the Lord called your name, Days keep passing but we still feel the pain, The shock wore off and reality set in, But God it’s hard knowing we won't see your face again, All we have is memories to help us hold on, But sometimes it’s hard to stay strong, Friday nights just weren’t the same, Without number 53 in the game, Every day is a hassle, Knowing we won't see you in a cap and tassel, We all talk about freedom, But oh what it must be like in Gods kingdom, The laughter that you brought us, Doesn’t compare to the lessons that you taught us, Craig, remind us how to enjoy life the way that you did, You always saw the bright side ever since you were a kid, Everyday we think of you, and struggle not to cry, But we have to live life without you and we don’t know why, There are so many situations that come up in the day, And we know exactly what you would do and say, Craig, I hope your 1st year in heaven went well, But without you here it feels like hell, You will always be on our minds, Until the day that the Lord says it’s our time, Know that we will always miss you, And remember that we will never forget you… We Love You Craig



our Christmas tree for you Craig!


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